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You’ve been suddenly sucked into an RPG. What are your stats?






Fugi: Lv.50 Nerd. Special trait: can sleep anywhere.

Oh… ok.

Star: Lv.63 Angel. Special trait: can manipulate plants.


star: Lv.92 Armamentalist. Special trait: can do impersonations.


Rich: Lv. 76 Thief. Special trait: can hack into any computer


rich: Lv. 27 Knight. Special trait: can dodge any attack

Stella: Lv.53 Majin. Special trait: never gets sick.

Jade: Lv.41 Hunter. Special trait: can manipulate electricity.

Seraphinu: Lv.38 Mechanic. Special trait: can spit bullets.

Nice. But does that mean I produce bullets or spit them out when I get shot at?

(Source: kamalaophelia)